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This is the first generation in history, which possesses a noteworthy records of gross human life abuses, taking into cognisance the culture of impunity through several acts of despicable and derogatory damages done to humanity within the Global landscape.

In this 20th Century, despite the presence of several Religious organizations around the Continents, states’ governance of most Countries of today is administered contrarily to social norms and common desire of the citizenry; the political elements for democracy as it is widely practiced does not cohere to the prerogatives, which should address respect to human vulnerability.

Invariably, they do not relate symbiotically in the pathway of human development because the overall behaviour of any matter in the society is in most time subject to human decisions, such wishes in the context of character would not naturally be disposed by free human volition without spiritual interference by superhuman forces. Therefore, the result of peace and development in our societies is at infinitesimal proportions.

The Priests of God in the Old Testament were people with recognition in the most outstanding divine services for lives as ordained in the sanctuary. However, our present Priests have lost the significance of the services they were called to perform. They are misrepresenting the true image of God’s ordinances to a form of self-centred glory for human appraisal. We have inherited the titles and purposes and have refused to do the necessary hard work.

The cracks of our Church traditions, theological believes, and denominational hang ups and walls did not allowed us to see beyond our self-imposed divisional corridors and to the Nations where Jesus besought us to reach out to, according to the Gospel.

This is the region where the light of the Gospel is needed, it is the place where outrages of human blood had cloud-capped the heavens, a place where the bitter cry of humanity suppresses the environmental serenity of our futuristic World. more

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